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Travel Managers, in promoting the Philippines to the world, has chosen the 10 most popular Philippine Fiestas that every Filipino and foreign visitor should experience to get a deeper appreciation of our culture and traditions. Each festival has its own style and unique charm and we present them here to help kickstart your festival journeys this year till next. They are for you to participate in and have great fun. So, take a pick!

See the most iconic and beautiful cities of the world that you once thought of, read about or have seen only in pictures. Bring home an understanding for another culture and at the same time, be appreciative of what you have back home. Go over our international and other local tours but do call us for more. You will  find that our customized tours will be carefully planned and prepared according to your preferences.

All Muslims are entitled to make the holy journey to Makkah and Madinah and since 2010, Travel Managers has assured comfortable and affordable journeys by offering especially designed Umrah Packages to their customers from The Philippines. If you are unable to find your desired arrangement, do call us. Our concerned Travel Consultants will be happy to prepare an Umrah Package that is most suitable to your requirements.