About Us

Travel Managers International Inc. was established in 1979 and became IATA accredited in 1980. IATA accreditation is a seal of approval recognized worldwide. As an IATA approved agency, the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) allows us to issue electronic airline tickets, right here, right now, no matter how much!

As an ISO certified company, Travel Managers has established a customer-focused quality management system that defines the processes managed by competent personnel. It is maintained to improve the satisfaction levels of customers, fulfill the expectations of shareholders and promote the well-being of its employees, visitors and other interested parties.

Our partnership with Reed & Mackay's International Partnership allows us to benefit from agencies around the globe that are established local specialists producing the highest standards of travel management in the markets they know best. Built on a foundation of service excellence, our partners design and deliver robust travel management programs that truly fit both locally and globally.

Travel Managers is managed by competent professionals with more than two decades of experience in travel and related fields. Its staff of more than 40 has more than sufficient education, experience and training. They are available to respond to customers' emergency concerns 24/7. If you need to be served right at your office for efficiency and convenience, our In-Plant staff will be relocated to your site, complete with a computerized reservations system and a virtual Travel Managers office at absolutely no cost to you. Below is a list of some of the organizations and institutions that have helped Travel Managers conduct itself as a competent travel management company.